The scenic spot profiles

The kexi river culture expo park, the green, the summer cool and the golden autumn forest

Cultural Expo Park of Fuxi River is located in the east of Zigong city known as the Millennium salt capital. The scenic area…


Salt transport culture

Zigong was a land salt of the city. Zigong salt mining has been the history in 2000, is a country…[detail]

Wei Minglun Sichuan

The pavilion is constructed on the place personally chosen by the famous dramatist Wei Minglun, w…[detail]


The tourist center of the 1: scenic area has free drinking water points, and the whole day is open to supply hot water.            

2: mother and baby room is set up in the tourist center. If you need to use it, please contact: 0813-8286137            

3: tourist center is prepared with wheelchairs, If necessary, please make a reservation in advance and make an appointment: 0813-8286137            

4: if you have any other needs, please call: 0813-8286137

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